Solana HODL Whales


$KRILL is the life force behind the HODL Whales in our lore and we’re following suit by making it the life force within the project. The graphic above shows a variety of ways in which $KRILL will be utilized throughout Diamond City and this is just the start.
Liquidity Pool Allocation
First off, we want to show our commitment and dedication to making the $KRILL token thrive within our ecosystem which is why we have decided to commit over $120,000 of the mint funds into the $KRILL / $USDC Liquidity Pool.
This is to show our commitment to the $KRILL token and that we want to focus on the liquidity of the token as well. In addition to this, we want to note that the majority of the utilities listed below all have a burn function for $KRILL that will help stabilize and make it more valuable for our trusted holders.
Female and Baby HODL Whale Collections
Following the initial launch of the Male HODL Whale’s comes the arrival of the Female HODL Whales and the Baby HODL Whales. Each of these collections will require Krill to mint/breed and will offer additional use cases for Krill such as accelerating the breeding process.
Our success is your success –– that’s why we’re dedicating 50% of secondary royalties from the Female HODL Whale collection and 100% of the secondary royalties from the Baby HODL Whale collection back to the holders. This will be paid back in Solana.
AI/ML Platforms and Services
As we have the luxury of having a developer with experience in quantitative finance and investing we will be developing data analysis tools to help guide your NFT investments. This tool and service will be available to holders and will cost a utility fee which will be paid in Krill helping our HODL Whale community have that extra edge in investing.
Raffles Site
I think we can all agree that everyone loves prizes! With that in mind we have decided to implement a raffle based system in which HODLers can utilize their Krill in order to purchase raffle tickets for various prizes from bluechip NFTs to elusive WL opportunities.
HODL Whales Taking it Out of This World
As Earth’s resources begin to become depleted the HODL Whale’s must begin their journey to search for additional sources of Krill, this takes them to space! Through a cost of Krill, holders will be able to build a spaceship which can then be utilized to go on space missions to increase Krill yield. However, these missions aren’t always successful and your HODL Whales may come back empty handed.