Core Values
One of the core values of our project is about diamond handing and being HODLers. As we navigate through the market turbulences, it is ultimately the diamond hands that prevail as we strive to be a project that continues to reward our HODLers.
Our project is grounded upon the following core values:
  1. 1.
    Creating value through diamond handing: We want to award our HODLers to be diamond hands and we want to provide a project which rewards people for HODLing our NFTs.
  2. 2.
    Striving to continuously improve: Our project will consists of 3 generations where the third generation will be awarded through using a breeding function for our gen 1 and gen 2 whales. We will be providing continuous developments for our project since we believe in improving as opposed to being a one-time project. In addition, we will also have many airdrops and rewards given out to our community.
  3. 3.
    Democratization through decentralization: One of the core values of cryptocurrencies is about decentralization. As a result, we want to do so for our project as well where we believe in building a closely knit community where each holders of our NFT will be able to voice their opinions in our discord as well. In addition to the planned airdrops, we will also allocate additional airdrops through collaborations with other projects and use funds by considering the opinion of our holders, so that we are all treated as whales within our community.
  4. 4.
    Protecting users from rugpulls: There our many public perceptions of NFTs as being pump and dump schemes and rugpulls. We want to change the public perceptions as we strive to create value for our holders and to be a unique project where holders will be awarded with airdrops and royalties, this is also in-line with the concept of decentralization where we want to create a closely knit community, which shares in the success of our project.
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