The main utility token associated with our project is Krill and it is a staple component for all future developments. The total supply of Krill is 69,696,696 and it is allocated across six different areas; staking/airdrops, team, LP rewards, marketing, initial LP and future utility rewards.
Given that we have talked about the KRILL utility, we can discuss the allocations of KRILL as mentioned in the charts above. First and foremost, we will allocate 40% (278M) of KRILL to staking and airdrops. As some of y’all have seen, this is currently done through the form of staking as a reward for you minters. We want to focus on rewarding you minters for believing in us and having faith in the team. In addition, we do have some allocation of KRILL for our funds such as marketing and also we want to note that we will have a vesting schedule of 2 years for 17% of the KRILL token as well. In addition, we also have a small portion of the KRILL funds (~10%) reserved for future marketing event. In addition, we are also planning to have future utility rewards for the whale HODLers, which are mentioned through some of the above mentioned usages in the KRILL Utility section.
In terms of Krill production that follows along with the staking platform which is offered. Male HODL Whales will produce 11 Krill per day, Females HODL Whales will produce 17 Krill per day and Baby HODL Whales will produce 20 Krill per day. But that’s not all! Since we have a whole family of HODL Whale’s there are some Krill bonuses associated. When a Male and Female HODL Whale are staked together they will receive an additional 5 Krill per day and if a Baby is paired with a Male and Female for a full family they will receive an additional 10 Krill per day!
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