Phase 1
Male HODL Whale Collection - COMPLETE
Animated Trailer Part 1 - COMPLETE
If you haven’t seen our amazing trailer made by the animators on our team then you are definitely missing out. The HODL Whale journey is just beginning and this is where it began.
Our lead artist also happens to be talented in the Augmented Reality space and we used that to create a cool Instagram Story feature to bring your HODL Whale to real life. We will certainly be using this and the upcoming $KRILL AR for some contests!
To check it out for yourself you can follow the steps below:
#1 - Head on over to our Instagram page on your phone using the link below and follow us!
#2 - Go to the third icon right above the feed and click it.
#3 - Click the "Splash" video underneath that appears and then click "Try It".
#4 - You should now be able to use the feature to make a HODL Whale appear.
Launch $KRILL / $USDC Liquidity Pool - COMPLETE
We’re proud to announce that the $KRILL / $USDC liquidity pool (details in Tokenomics section) was launched one day after mint on Raydium. You can see the $KRILL / $USDC liquidity pool info on Solscan via the link below:
Account DytAqwL6v5Tu7pHQJxJ3ozJQJFKrczip2MerXtNoFgF6
To see the token on Raydium you can navigate to the link below and follow the steps to add the custom market for $KRILL / $USDC.
Once you’re on the page above:
  1. 1.
    Click the + mark that’s in the red box in the image below.
  2. 2.
    Add “Esa41QArfMrdbyrsbnEgfBoviyDiLUzpNN77gmDp5qHH" as the Market Id.
  3. 3.
    Add “$KRILL” as the Market Label.
  4. 4.
    Add “KRILL” as the Base label.
  5. 5.
    Click “Add” and you’re officially on the $KRILL / $USDC trading pair!
We’ve got a lot planned with our token $KRILL so you’ll want to get yourself very familiar with this trading interface ;)
Earn $KRILL via Staking - COMPLETE
$KRILL is the lifeforce of our beloved HODL Whales so it only seems fitting that they have the ability to farm it. We have released a staking system that allows you to stake your HODL Whales to earn $KRILL on a daily basis.
Each subsequent collection within our project will earn more $KRILL and there may even be bonuses on rarity, quantity, pairs, and full families as we move through the storyline.
KRILL Augmented Reality (AR) - COMPLETE
The Solana HODL Whales currently have a dedicated team of alpha hunters who find, evaluate, and acquire whitelist spots for upcoming NFT projects. Please visit:
Alpha Hunters - COMPLETE
The Solana HODL Whales currently have a dedicated team of alpha hunters who find, evaluate, and acquire whitelist spots for upcoming NFT projects.
Female HODL Whale Collection - COMPLETE
Our Gen 2 Female HODL Whales are officially minted out! The collection can be found on Magic Eden at
Baby HODL Whale Collection - UPCOMING (APRIL 16)
With male and female HODL Whales now in circulation, the time has come for the babies to make their debut! Baby HODL Whales will be minted exclusively using our breeding mechanic, requiring a male and a female HODL Whale NFT and $KRILL to mint.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Analytics Subscription Service (Q2 2022)
HODL Whale holders will have exclusive access to data analysis tools, developed in-house, to help guide and inform investments in other NFT projects.
Raffle Site (Q2 2022)
Using our $KRILL token, holders will be able to enter raffles for exclusive prizes such as HODL Whale NFTs and whitelist spots for promising new projects.
Spaceship Mission [Gamify] (Q3 2022)
Holders will be able to purchase spaceships and send their HODL Whale NFTs on missions through $KRILL.
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