What else should I know about HODL Whales?
In the past, the male (Gen 1) and female (Gen 2) HODL Whales were minted with Solana through our website at www.solanahodlwhales.io. However, the upcoming baby HODL Whales will only be minted using our breeding system. See Breeding for more details.
How do the HODL whales earn $KRILL?
Holders of Solana HODL Whales can stake their Whales at https://stake.solanahodlwhales.io/. Different benefits are provided depending on the whales the holders have. Males will earn 11 $KRILL per day. Females will earn 17 $KRILL per day. If the holder owns both a male and a female HODL whale, the female will earn an additional 5 $KRILL for a total of 33 $KRILL daily. Baby whales will earn 20 $KRILL per day. If the holders owns a male, a female, and a baby HODL whale, then the baby will earn an additional 10 $KRILL for a total of $58 KRILL daily.
How do I get $KRILL?
Outside of the income generated by HODL Whale NFTs, $KRILL can currently be purchased through www.raydium.io/swap.
Is there a secondary market?
Yes, all generations of the Solana HODL Whales are currently listed on Magic Eden. Our profile can be found here: https://magiceden.io/creators/solana_hodl_whales
Will there be a gated community?
Yes. We currently have an exclusive DAO community made up of verified holders in the Solana HODL Whales Discord. Our team is constantly seeking out and collaborating with other NFT projects, so DAO members will have plenty of whitelist opportunities for promising mints.
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